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Spanish Dance / Flamenco

Our teachers are qualified and registered with the Spanish Dance Society (SDS). We teach the SDS syllabus offering examination classes from Grade 1 up to Senior Vocational levels for children and adults.

The Syllabus encompasses all the richness of Spain’s culture. Such variety is found nowhere else in the world except in the cultural regions of Spain and is still uniquely prevalent after thousands of years of integrating different customs,  folklore, and exhibiting rare unique musical instruments and differing footwear and costumes.

Students will learn all the wonderful aspects of Spanish Dancing, including playing castanets, mastering intricate footwork and clapping the Flamenco rhythms. It's also a great way to reduce stress, improve coordination, burn calories, and strengthen and tone your muscles, all while having fun and learning a new culture!

Should you be interested in signing up for one of our classes please complete the registration form (Children) / registration form (Adult), or contact us for more information.

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