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Adult Ballet

Our adult Ballet classes are for students 16 years and older.

Adult Ballet Fundamentals

This class is for students wanting to learn the principles of classical ballet in a safe, supportive environment. It is ideal for students with limited, or no prior ballet knowledge and experience, as well as those wishing to improve their existing knowledge and technique.

Adult Ballet Progressions

This class is for students with prior ballet experience that want to improve their knowledge and technique. This is a faster paced class which is designed to challenge and inspire our more advanced adult dancers.


Adult Ballet Blast

This ballet-inspired barre fitness class is for students wanting to improve their fitness, burn calories, and strengthen, tone and condition their muscles.


Adult Ballet Sculpt

This low-impact class incorporates ballet, yoga and Pilates-inspired techniques and exercises to strengthen, tone, stretch and condition the body.

Should you be interested in signing up for one of our classes please complete the registration form, or contact us for more information. 

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