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The latest news, events and interesting articles from P3 Dance Academy.

Why should you choose a Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Registered Teacher?

When you, or your child, learn to dance, you want to be certain that the teaching received is of the highest quality. One way to ensure this is to look at the qualifications of the teacher.

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Understanding the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) marking structure

The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) has a very specific marking structure which is used to allocate results to students taking their Ballet exams. This can be a bit confusing, so here is some information which should help you understand the exam results.

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Student Testimonial - How exercise helped me with my health issues

Following a Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and Arthritis diagnoses around 10 years ago exercise didn't enter into my week at all. I would get angry when the doctor would suggest it as just getting out of bed was exhausting...

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Why can't I watch my child's class? - The reasons classes are closed for viewing

Once you have enrolled your child into dance classes, we understand the excitement you have. All you want to do is watch your child progress and snap those adorable photos of them. Then you find out after enrolling that the classes are closed to viewers. Why is that? What do you mean I can’t even watch my own child?


As a parent, don’t let this get you upset, worked up, or anxious. There are many reasons why dance studios close their class doors to parents, and here are our reasons. 

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Halloween Week Photos

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Awards Celebration Photos

Click here to view the photos from the P3 Dance Academy Awards Celebration 2023.​

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