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Student Testimonial - How exercise helped me with my health issues

Following a Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and Arthritis diagnoses around 10 years ago exercise didn't enter into my week at all. I would get angry when the doctor would suggest it as just getting out of bed was exhausting. 

I was heading down the road of very powerful painkillers as nothing was working and I was withdrawing more and more and just not functioning. I was then also diagnosed with COPD-emphysema. I didn't want this anymore, so I went to a pain clinic and their suggestions of vitamins and joint cream seemed to be helping. The clinic was pushing for me to do exercise, but I couldn't see myself actually making it somewhere on time and every week, so I withdrew from the programme as I felt pressured.


One day my daughter tagged me in a Ballet Sculpt post on Facebook, and I thought “why not?”. I sent a message to Melissa not knowing if I could manage any of it, but I wanted to try. I went to my first class absolutely petrified, I wondered how much this would hurt and if it would be too much.

I loved it! From the calming music to the exercises and movement. I am not going to pretend it is easy and I can tell you that getting your brain to follow Melissa and send the message to move in time can be the hardest part. I am not going to pretend it isn't tiring as some days it is, but I listen to my body.

My progress has been amazing, my achievements, even if small are recognised. Melissa always offers an alternative movement and is never judgemental and puts you at ease. I never ever thought I would love my class each week, but I do! The movement I am regaining is brilliant and I no longer take strong pain killers.

We laugh, we groan at times, but we always have fun and relax.

If you have ever thought exercise will be too hard or make you worse, please just give it a go. 

My journey so far has been amazing, and I will be forever grateful to Melissa for her kindness and encouragement and cannot thank her enough for making such a difference to my life.

Written by Kirsty C - Adult Ballet Sculpt Student

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